Creating things by hand has been a part of both my husband’s and my life ever since we got married 40 years ago. When our daughter was born, I loved making her costumes, her Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls, decorations for our home and anything that I thought I could make rather than buy. And my husband would build organizers for our closets, tables, and anything else that we thought we needed or wanted. We also loved going out and exploring nature, taking photos and finding nature-made items to use as photo displays, plant hangers, plant stands, and enhancements for displays.

Two years ago we moved from a very large city in the desert to a small town in the mountains, and we absolutely love it here. We found a home here where our three large dogs (all around 100 lbs.) have plenty of room to run, and my husband has a spot away from everyday life where he works remote. Our Etsy shop is handled out of a workroom in our home, and our garage is our studio area. We hope to learn and grow as we continue this endeavor.

Through the years we have given many handmade items as gifts to friends and family. We have loved sharing these items with them and now want to share them with you also

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